Brazilian Pica Flor ♡


This is a spin on my personal cocktail recipe and is actually a variation of a luxurious Brazilian Lemonade. This drink is traditionally made with fresh squeezed limes, sweetened condensed milk and sugar water. I’ve added Silver Patron and a Pinch of Jalapeño because I love a little heat to balance out the acidity and sweetness.

Here’s the Recipe  ( proceed with caution) lol

1 Pitcher Brazilian Pica Flor

8 Fresh Limes Juiced -Save 1 Sliced for Garnish and 1 Sliced in Pitcher

1 Cup White Sugar Diluted in 1 Cup Warm Water

7 Tablespoons Sweetened Condensed Milk

6 Additional Cups Spring Water

Silver Patron

Sliced Jalapeño and Lime for Garnish *Optional

Mix Warm Sugar Water with Fresh Lime Juice and Sweetened Condensed Milk, Along with Additional Spring Water and 8 Shots of Silver Patron  ( Less or More):)

Serve on The Rocks and Sip Slow


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