Hot Tamale! Hot Tamale!


I totally love tamales. Like yes please, all day all night, anytime any day. 🙂 When I was younger my mom (who is a lover of all things spicy and a mexican food aficionado) introduced me to these little delightful bundles of pure bliss and I just cant seem to get enough ever since.

These little babys were a new spin on a traditional favorite and were absolutely amazing. We roasted a few sweet potatoes and smashed them into the masa.  We then stuffed the tamales with roast pork, poblano peppers and jack cheese.  Drizzled with espresso and dark chocolate mole and white crumbling cheese. Mouth watering perfection.

May I have another???? 😋


~Holy Pazole!~


The cure for everything, is right here in this pretty little bowl. This traditional Mexican sopa is filled to the brim with heart healthy ingredients and antioxidants as well as feel good spices and all over comfort. Chicken is simmered in tomato, broth, white wine, herbs and garlic and then laden with chile, hominy and cilantro. We serve ours with lots of toppings like radish, pico de gallo and creama. A handful of corn tortillas and fresh squeezed lime and its time to dive in.

Welcome home, glad you made it! Lol

Peruvian Chicken with Aji Verde Sauce


This roasted chicken dish is loaded with latin inspired spices and marinated over night. Heavy notes of chile and paprika give it a lovely redish color and hints of smoke. I am a firm believer in ‘never to much garlic’ and we’ve also added lime, cumin, sea salt, cilantro, olive oil and red pepper. My secret ingredient is a bit of crushed habanero pepper which we keep stocked in our house, spice lovers that we are. 😉

We typically serve this with roasted baby blond potatoes and Aji Verde Sauce.

Aji Verdi is a classic Peruvian Condiment that is made by blending cilantro,  jalapenos, garlic, lime, mayo and olive oil with a bit of cojota cheese. This sauce is so freaking awesome you will want it on everything!!!