Spicy Watahhh


Yep. Totally time for another perfectly crafted spicy margarita….  this one has fresh juiced English cucumber, jalapeno, lime and agave and just a dash of sparkling water.


Peel and juice one English cucumber or several if your feeling fired up;)

Set aside peel for garnish- I made the cutest little knots. Lol

Ice two glasses

Add one shot silver tequila each glass ( I’m a #patron gal, I think we know this)

Add juice of one and a half limes to each ( slice remaining for more super cute garnish)

1.5 teaspoons agave each

Half a Jalapeno each- gently muddle

Splash of sparkling water ( I use #smartwater, I’m convinced I will need the electrolytes- hahaha 😉

Shake or stir then garnish aforementioned cucumber knots and limes

Cheers! ♡


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