Coastal Carrucho with Sea Salted Tostones


This recipe is one of my darling and sexy husbands recipes and a family favorite served as a fresh summer appetizer.  We buy our conch and other fresh seafood from The Oyster Co-OP in Orange Park Florida, which is a family owned local seafood spot that we just love. This recipe called for 1 pound of conch which we cook in the pressure cooker about 30 minutes until tender with a bay leaf and a pinch of sea salt. William chops up vidalia onions, red and green peppers, scotch bonnet peppers and garlic and marinates the conch overnight with the chopped veggies, white vinegar and citrus- adds chopped tomato and Spanish olives and into the fridge it goes. Day of he fries up the BEST tostones and then we top them with this bright and briney deliciousness.

#tostones #carrucho #tapas #appetizers #chonch


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